Avondale Street, Belfast

Avondale Street in East Belfast sustained damage on the night of 5th-6th May 1941 as Luftwaffe bombers attacked in what would be the Final Raid of the Blitz.

On the night of 5th-6th May 1941, the Luftwaffe made a final foray over the city of Belfast. One of the worst scenes of the night occurred where Avondale Street meets Ravenscroft Avenue in East Belfast.

At around 0200hrs on 6th May 1941, a Parachute Mine landed in the area. The resulting blast destroyed 2 Public Air Raid Shelters, 10 houses, and a nearby school.

In the neighbourhood, 14 residents died and over 40 sustained serious injuries. Around 300 locals were without housing following the raid. Several of those killed had taken shelter in the Public Air Raid Shelter, which provided inadequate shelter from the ferocity of the blast.