Tamar Street, Belfast

In May 1941, bombs fell on Tamar Street in East Belfast during the Fire Raid of the Belfast Blitz due to its location in the vicinity of the shipyards.

Tamar Street in East Belfast sustained a huge amount of damage during the Fire Raid of the Belfast Blitz. As the Luftwaffe bombed the industrial area around Harland and Wolff Ltd. and Short and Harland Ltd., nearby housing suffered too.

By the end of the Fire Raid on the night of 4th-5th May 1941, several houses on Tamar Street were no more than rubble. Jimmy Penton, then a young boy from Ballymacarrett, recalled witnessing a Parachute Mine slowly descending. It narrowly missed the rooftop of Strand Spinning Mill on the Newtownards Road. The well-kept but poorly-built terraces in Tamar Street and Carew Street were no match for the resulting blast.

The ground shook. Houses crumbled and blew to pieces. Bricks and debris flew through the air. The nearby railway embankment protected those inside the Public Air Raid Shelter. The proximity of Tamar Street to the railway line caused problems for the Belfast and County Down Railway. A crater between the street and the main Belfast to Bangor line disrupted travel in the area.