Victoria Park, Belfast

Within Victoria Park in East Belfast, Gunners of 66th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment of the Royal Artillery provided cover over the docks and a nearby airfield.

In 1940, the Luftwaffe flew a number of reconnaissance flights over the city of Belfast. They took detailed photographs and documented targets and positions of defences around the city. Among these defences was an Anti-Aircraft Battery at Victoria Park in East Belfast.

Soldiers based in the park were responsible in part for defence of the docks. Their position also lay close to the Royal Air Force base at Sydenham Airfield. Gunners of 66th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery operated Bofors Guns.

This “Dock Battalion” fired 2lb shells at a rate of 120 rounds per minute. Shells reaching a height of 23,000 feet would target low-flying Luftwaffe planes or dive-bombers at 3,000 feet or below.