Matilda Violet Bleakley

Civilian Matilda Violet Bleakley and other members of the family died at the Thorndyke Street Public Air Raid Shelter on the night of 15th-16th April 1941.

Civilian Matilda Violet Bleakley was a fatal casualty of the Belfast Blitz during the Second World War. She lived with her husband Thomas William Bleakley and sister Mary Ann “Cissie” Crotty at 8 Thorndyke Street, Belfast at the time of the Luftwaffe attack on the city.

She was the daughter of the late William Crotty and the late Elizabeth Crotty, and mother of William Edmund Bleakley and Marion Bleakley. Matilda Violet Bleakley died on 15th April 1941 aged 50 years old at the Public Air Raid Shelter in Thorndyke Street, Belfast.

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