Ravenscroft Avenue, Belfast

Ravenscroft Avenue in East Belfast was a scene of devastation as a large explosion occurred on the night of 5th-6th May 1941, the Final Raid on the city.

Ravenscroft Avenue in East Belfast sustained extensive damage during the night of 4th-5th May 1941. Worse was to follow the next night. At 0200hrs on 6th May 1941 during the Final Raid, a Parachute Mine landed in the Ravenscroft Avenue and Avondale Street area.

The resulting blast demolished 2 Public Air Raid Shelters, 10 houses, and a school. Records suggest this single attack left 14 dead, more than 40 injured, and hundreds homeless. At 0300hrs, another wave of bombers dropped Incendiary Bombs on the area.

Eyewitness Walter Christie recalled seeing a crater “big enough to hold a double-decker bus”. By 0415hrs, the All Clear sounded. Another eyewitness, Harold Allen, recalled events from later than morning. Medical students from Queen’s University Belfast helped load waiting ambulances with the dead.