Barbour Street, Greencastle, Co. Antrim

Barbour Street in Greencastle, Co. Antrim sustained heavy damage during the Belfast Blitz due to its location close to Belfast's Docks and industrial areas.

At around 0120hrs on 5th May 1941, two Parachute Mines descended slowly over Greencastle, Co. Antrim. The Fire Raid of the Belfast Blitz was underway and streets of terraced houses such as Barbour Street would fall victim to heavy bombing.

R.U.C. Constable James Hawthorne watched from a distance of around 400 yards away as one of the Parachute Mines landed in Barbour Street. He braced himself for the impact as soon, shards of glass and slate flew through the air. Survivors staggered into the street, covered in dirt and debris. They, along with Constable Hawthorne, tended to the dead and injured.

Many residents of Barbour Street died as a result of the Fire Raid. At No. 18, five members of the Black family died in their home and 21 year old Eva died later the same day in the Royal Victoria Hospital.